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Accounting. We perform a complete accounting of the Foundation's financial activities in accordance with applicable law. We provide a report of the accounting to the Foundation's Board of Directors on an annual basis.

Preparation of Tax Forms We prepare all applicable federal and state tax forms for the Foundation. Tax forms are forwarded to the Board for signature and filing.

Foundation Minimum Distributions We communicate to the Board the amount required to be distributed on an annual basis from the Foundation to charitable organizations. The funds to pay charitable organizations do not come to our firm; rather they go directly from the Foundation's financial account to such organizations.

Calculation of Tax on Investment Income We compute the amount of excise tax due on net investment income (if any) and report such amount to the Board. Based upon that information, the Board can then pay excise tax directly to the taxing authority.

Written Notification of Gifts As the foundation receives gifts, we prepare a gift receipt in accordance with IRC guidelines that the board of directors can then review and provide to the donors.

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